My Podcast List…

Guys and Gals,

Here is a list of my favorite podcast that I currently have subscribed:

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code – Hey, He’s the Podfather.

Apple Phone Show – Great cast, great iPhone info.

Apple Quick Tips – Tips from Apple.

The Boot and Reboot Show (Audio) – My podcast (Sean and I)

The Dawn and Drew Show! – Sometimes raunchy, always entertaining.

Diggnation (Small Quicktime) – No explanation needed – A must have.

Digital Photography Tips from The Top Floor – Great Photo podcast.

GeekBrief.TV – Cali Lewis ROCKS.

iLifeZone – Lana Lehua ROCKS.

Inside Aperture Podcasts – Good screencast for the Aperture users.

Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy – A must have also – kinda long—but worth it.

MacBreak Weekly – A must have.

MacCast – One of my first listened to Mac podcasts.

Munchcast – Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone

Nikonians Podcast :: The Nikonians Image Doctors – Currently, using a Nikon D40. Looking at the D90, D300/700…

One Green Minute (Audio) – My podcast (Sean and I)

this WEEK in MEDIA – Another must have. Alex L. ROCKS!

This Week in Photography – Scott Bourne and Alex L.’s GREAT photo podcast

this WEEK in TECH – Another must have.

Tiki Bar TV – YOU MUST TIKI !!!

Today in iPhone Podcast – Another great iPhone podcast.

This may be a lot— but, I try to keep up with most of them. These can all be found by searching iTunes from the podcast name that’s listed here in bold.


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